We are HCCyouth, the youth ministry of Honolulu Christian Church. Our church also has a great Sunday School program for all ages, a College & Young Adult Ministry, and a Japanese Department.

Friday Worship Service

The HCCyouth ministry focuses on serving 6th graders through High School. Our main program is our Worship Service every Friday which starts with dinner at 6pm, then the service from 7pm, ending at 9:30pm.

More on the Service

The actual worship service starts from 6:45pm. We're trying a new schedule and we've been starting it off with a fun ice-breaker game followed by a bible lesson and worship. I'd say we're sort of into modern worship with acoustic and electric guitars, drums, and the occasional electric bass or keys.

We're big on what the bible says so we usually have a 20-30 minute message. Some speakers have spoken for over an hour but only if it's an interactive lesson. If you're into raw authentic biblical youth community you may have come to the right place. By raw I mean unpolished, unfake, real, and kinda weird.


We play Nerf, Pokeball Dodgeball or some other game after the service time. Please come early if you want to eat dinner with us because the food will be put away before the service. Nerf is played indoors with 2 teams, 3 bullets each. Dodgeball is also indoors but with a soft Pokeball to make it safe and fun for everyone!

Fishfest 2018

For King & Country came to Hawaii for Fishfest 2018 on Saturday, July 7! It was amazing to hear For King & Country, Tiffany Thurston, Blanca and Jordan Feliz sing, and testify about God working in their lives.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

― Jesus

Find Us

Honolulu Christian Church is up the street from the University of Hawaii Manoa; the quaint little church next to College Hill (the big white house on top of a luscious green hill).