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We are the Youth Ministry of Honolulu Christian Church!

We are HCCyouth, the youth ministry of Honolulu Christian Church. HCC is down the street from the University of Hawaii Manoa; the quaint little church next to the UH presidents house (the big white house on top of a luscious green hill). Our church also has a great Sunday School program for all ages, a College & Young Adult Ministry, and a Japanese Department.

Friday Night Worship Service

The HCCyouth ministry focuses on serving 6th graders through High School. Our main program is our Worship Service every Friday which starts with dinner at 6pm, then the service from 6:45pm, ending at 9:30pm.

The college students and young adults are no longer meeting on Friday nights. You are welcomed to join them every Sunday from 12:30 pm (or after the 10:45 am Service) in the conference room for lunch and a Bible Study.


Date Worship Bible Teaching Activity in Service  Dinner
May 11 Chris Special Message (Cody) Dodgeball/Nerf K.Macdonald 
May 18 Chris Sharing by Lara Dodgeball/Nerf Tiff & Ava
May 25 Chris

Video Lesson by Chris

Dodgeball/Nerf M.Aliipule
June 1 Chris

Bible Stories



June 8 Chris Plug Into Jesus (Pre-Camp)  Dodgeball/Nerf  
June 15 Chris Plug Into Jesus (Post-Camp) Dodgeball/Nerf J.Sugai
June 22 Chris Bible Stories Dodgeball/Nerf


HCCyouth on Facebook

Check out the HCCyouth Facebook Group.

Worship Ministry

Chris started writing documentation for our worship ministry.